Headquartered in Mumbai since 2017, Accelo Innovation Private Limited is a mobility startup revolutionizing the way individuals and entire industries come together to transition the world towards sustainable energies. By capitalizing on its expertise in robotics and automobile technologies, the Accelo team has developed a proprietary single electric Skateboard platform that forms the floor of the vehicle and incorporates the battery packs. The Skateboard design keeps the centre of gravity low and improves handling. The completely flat, lightweight modular platform has a highly flexible chassis thereby allowing endless design configurations. Accelo plans to mount different cabins and “top hats” to create three distinct vehicles in commute, delivery and even escapades- spaces. 

Steps towards Electrifying


Accelo started its journey in automobile space with the development of vision-based- Advanced Driver Assistance and Frontal Collision Detection systems back in 2017. Accelo’s steer-by-wire (SbW) and brake-by-wire (BbW) technology breakthroughs are electric, software-driven, intelligent and interconnected thereby paving the way for tomorrow’s mobility. Scalability, Modularity and Design freedom are a few of the benefits of these technologies. Accelo intends to integrate these technologies in their products post-2023.

Steps towards Autonomy